June 20, 2024

Send a Parcel From the UK to the Netherlands

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If you plan to send parcel from UK to Netherlands, it is imperative that you are familiar with customs regulations and restrictions as well as any prohibited items which could impede its passage.

An effective way to avoid surprises is by selecting a delivery service with pre-paid delivery duty, as this will guarantee that all relevant duties and taxes will be covered prior to receiving their item.


When sending parcels to the Netherlands, selecting an appropriate courier service can be daunting. There are a wide array of choices, each company providing different prices and completion times; two popular choices being Parcelforce Drop Off and DPD Pickup which allow users to drop off packages at local post offices or shops for collection/delivery respectively.

Cost of parcel delivery to the Netherlands varies based on size and weight of goods sent for delivery, and some services require commodity codes (also known as HS codes) in order to calculate value and any duties you owe; you can find a comprehensive list of these codes on the Netherlands government website.

Dutch consumers place great value on price and speed of delivery when making online purchases, as well as tracking real-time purchases with notifications when they arrive. Therefore, it’s essential to understand their expectations prior to opening an online store.


The Netherlands is an ideal market for UK-based ecommerce businesses to tap. Boasting an ample population and robust logistics infrastructure, the Netherlands makes an ideal setting to open an online store. Furthermore, as one of the most open economies globally and early adopters of new technologies.

When shipping goods to the Netherlands, customs clearance can add delays to delivery times if your parcel contains items of high value. To prevent these delays from arising, declaring your items as gifts below a certain value will help avoid additional duties payments.

To expedite the shipping process to the Netherlands, ensure your parcel is packed carefully and clearly labelled with an accurate address label – this should include full recipient name, mobile/landline phone number and email address if applicable. It is also crucial that it remains securely sealed as leaving gaps can increase wear-and-tear damage during transit.

How quickly your parcel arrives at its destination in the Netherlands will depend on which courier and service you select; priority deliveries tend to take less time but cost more.


No matter whether you are shipping from the UK to the Netherlands or vice versa, there are a few customs procedures you should be familiar with when sending high-value items across borders. Be mindful of rates and deadlines associated with customs clearance.

To avoid delays and unexpected charges, it’s wise to contact your carrier before initiating your shipment. They can provide all relevant paperwork which will allow you to comply with local regulations and avoid fines or other penalties.

Customs authorities are found at ports, airports and borders where government officials oversee incoming goods and people as well as collect duties on imported products that may cause shipping expenses to skyrocket if you are unwary.

Shipments between the UK and Netherlands must also meet sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) regulations, which vary depending on their risk category; low risk items might require pre-notification and health certification, while medium risk items require document-based identity checks as well as physical inspection.

UDS provide services from the UK to the Netherlands, providing cost-efficient shipping solutions with flexible timelines as well as offering drop-off locations throughout their networks.


The Netherlands has stringent rules regarding what can and cannot be brought into their country, with strict prohibitions regarding items prohibited or subject to taxes and duties. There are exceptions, though; certain types of pet food and powdered infant milk can be brought in provided it serves medical needs. If in doubt as to what items can or cannot be brought in contact Customs immediately for more information.

Dependent upon the value of your parcel, EU VAT and/or import duty may apply; typically in the Netherlands the VAT rate stands at 21%; however if it’s a gift with an estimated value under EUR45 you could benefit from an exemption to these costs.

UDS offers several shipping services from the UK to the Netherlands that you can choose from when sending parcels between these two countries, such as International Tracked and Signed, Standard, and Economy options. Each has different delivery timelines – some even deliver packages within three to five business days! Alternatively, drop off parcels at any Post Office or Pickup location; doing this may save money as this saves on driver costs when collecting your package from its origin point.