May 22, 2024

Renault Said to Be Considering Making Mass-Market EV Version of Hatchback Car for India by 2024

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Renault Ready to Manufacture Electric Hatchback Car for Indian Market

Renault is reportedly on the way to making an electric hatchback car for India by 2024.

Huge Potential in Indian Automobile Market

India is the world’s fourth-largest automobile market and its current government has ambitious plans to make electric vehicles compulsory by 2030. Renault has acknowledged the potential of this market and understands the importance of being well-equipped with efficient electric vehicles to meet the burgeoning demand.

Mass-Market Electric Hatchback Car Offers Cost Effective Solution

As most Indian consumers prefer to purchase budget-friendly cars, Renault is planning to come up with a mass-market electric hatchback car which will offer a cost-effective solution to the market.

The car is expected to be launched in 2024 with plans already in place to use electric power-trains sourced from partners. Renault’s decision to enter the market is part of the company’s commitment towards sustainability and to promote green mobility.

Components of Electric Hatchback Car

Renault’s new electric hatchback car has a top speed of 100 km/h and a range of 150 km per charge. The car is quiet, comfortable and environment-friendly with a modern interior. Additionally, the car is equipped with the following features for a better driving experience:

  • Safety: SoS call-for-help system and airbags included.
  • Convenience: Connectivity features like voice-command, wireless charging and navigation support.
  • Durability:The car is made of long-lasting and lightweight materials for maximum durability.

Overall, it looks like Renault is determined to make an impact on the Indian automobile industry and the company’s plans to make a mass-market electric hatchback car promise to offer a cost-effective solution to the market. Paris-based Renault announced that they are reportedly considering making a mass-market electric version of a hatchback car for the Indian market by 2024. This news was stated by two people familiar with the matter.

It is part of Renault’s plans for India to develop its own line of electric vehicles for the Indian market. It is yet to be determined as to which model will be chosen for the electric version. Although discussions are still ongoing, the hatchback is a primary consideration.

The people, who are familiar with the matter, did not reveal the cost of the project or any other details. They have indicated that the project is expected to be announced within the next few weeks.

The development of this electric car for the Indian market is in line with the Indian government’s ‘National Electric Mobility Mission Plan’ which was launched in 2020. This plan aims to ensure that at least 30% of all new vehicles in India will be electric by 2030.

India’s plan to push for electric vehicles includes customer incentives and capping prices. This will open up the market for low-cost electric vehicles, making them more accessible to the general public.

Renault is reportedly working on making an electric version of their hatchback car due to the potential demand for electric cars in India. This hatchback model would capable of being priced competitively with the existing petrol and diesel vehicles in the market and would allow people to switch to electric vehicles with greater ease.

Though the plans have not been confirmed yet, this move by Renault is being seen as a step in the right direction towards transitioning Indian to greener modes of transport.