June 16, 2024

Poland is sending PT-91 tanks to Ukraine – what are they?

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Poland is 1 of the major army supporters of Ukraine. Poland currently despatched hundreds of soviet-developed tanks and is about to ship 14 present day Leopard 2’s. Nonetheless, in the coming couple weeks Ukraine will also get 60 of the Polish PT-91 Twardy. What is this tank and why in some techniques it might be even far more considerable than the Leopard 2 deliveries?

“Poland was the initially state to produce 250 tanks (to Ukraine – Ed.). This time we are ready to ship 60 of our modernized PT-91 tanks, as very well as 14 Leopard 2 tanks,” explained Polish Key Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

PT-91 is a well-modified T-72M with better armor, better gun stabilization, stronger engines and transmissions, a new loader, and other improvements.

PT-91 is a nicely-modified T-72M with better armor, superior gun stabilization, more robust engines and transmissions, a new loader, and other enhancements. Picture credit: Pibwl by way of Wikimedia (CC BY-SA 3.)

The PT-91 “Twardy” is a seriously modified, up to date edition of the T-72M. Back again in the Warsaw pact times through the Cold War Poland developed its personal T-72 tanks underneath licence. In the 1980’s it began hunting for a alternative.

Obtaining more recent variations of the T-72 or even the significantly additional contemporary T-80 was regarded, but the political situation in 1989 built this not possible. On the other hand, the identical circumstance produced tanks even much more critical for Poland. For that reason, it was made a decision to update and modify the T-72M, correcting all its important weaknesses.

The PT-91 is really extremely diverse from the T-72 on which it was primarily based. Reactive armor plates, extra impressive engines, a better hearth handle process, a new loading mechanism, and several smaller sized and larger sized advancements took the PT-91 to a greater amount of beat success.

1 of the most important shortcomings of the T-72M – very poor gun stabilization – has also been solved. This allows the tank to purchase the goal more quickly, even although on the transfer. On the other hand, the similar smoothbore 125 mm gun is made use of, which means that the Armed Forces of  Ukraine will be capable to use the very same ammunition as they do with T-72s.

Poland built around 285 PT-91 tanks, some of them are already serving in Ukraine.

Poland developed all over 285 PT-91 tanks, some of them are now serving in Ukraine. Graphic credit score: Ministerstwo Obrony Narodowej via Wikimedia

This, by the way, is in all probability the most significant benefit of the PT-91 Twardy appropriate now. The 60 tanks that Poland will supply to Ukraine in the coming weeks will be completely ready for instant use. Ukraine can press them into service with no delays, they will not need a lengthy education interval, since Ukrainian know how to use the T-72 platform.

In complete, 232 PT-91 “Twardy” tanks – 92 new and 140 modernized – have been produced for the Polish Armed Forces. A different 48 PT-91s are in service in Malaysia. While there are no correct numbers, there is no question that there was much more than one particular PT-91 between the T-72s previously donated to Ukraine. This implies that the new delivery of 60 will not bring any surprises to logistics officers or tank crews.

Ukraine is acquiring an incredible quantity of tanks now. In the coming months Ukraine will get shut to a hundred Leopard 2 tanks, 31 Abrams, 14 Challenger 2, and quite a few other MBTs. While there are rumors about Ukraine scheduling a large counteroffensive, this newly obtained military electricity will probable be applied to suppress new Russian attacks, forecasted for the spring.


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