May 25, 2024

Personalized Competency-Based Learning | OER Commons

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What is Individualized, Competency-Based mostly Mastering (PCBL)?

In a customized, competency-centered learning procedure, the subsequent ideas impact the everyday steps of the instructional neighborhood:

  • Students are empowered every day to make vital choices about their mastering ordeals, how they will build and utilize expertise, and how they will show their finding out.
  • Assessment is a meaningful, constructive, and empowering learning experience for college students that yields timely, related, and actionable evidence.
  • College students acquire timely, differentiated guidance centered on their unique finding out needs.
  • Students development based mostly on proof of mastery, not seat time.
  • Students understand actively utilizing distinctive path­ways and different pacing.
  • Procedures to be certain fairness for all college students are embedded in the tradition, structure, and pedagogy of educational facilities and training sys­tems.
  • Rigorous, widespread expectations for learn­ing (know-how, skills, and inclinations) are explicit, transparent, measurable, and transferable.

The Utah State Board of Instruction is continuing the innovation for PCBL with the release of the Utah’s PCBL Framework and continuation of the PCBL Grant Plans. PCBL moves the concentrate of the classroom from training to understanding centered on fastened and very well-defined targets for all pupils. It offers equitable access for every single college student to reveal main expertise and skills in individualized and differentiated approaches and can also empower students to interact in options for further learning. PCBL moves instruction over and above details dissemination to a aim on transferable skills important for good results in the contemporary planet.

-From USBE’s PCBL webpage


Resource url The education landscape has been revolutionized by the emergence of personalized learning with its commitment to create individualized learning experiences based upon the unique needs and interests of each learner. Among the various models of personalized learning, competency-based learning (CBL) has gained widespread attention and acceptance. This approach is based on the belief that all learners should be able to reach their maximum potential and become independent problem solvers through individualized and self-governed learning.

OER Commons, an online platform for open educational resources, is committed to supporting the development and implementation of competency-based learning. OER Commons offers resources and research to help educators understand how to successfully integrate CBL into their curricula. Through its database of comprehensive resources, educators can access an ever-growing collection of materials designed to support evidence-based instruction.

For teachers and students alike, OER Commons provides an interactive and personalized learning experience. The platform supports the development of critical thinking and the assessment of the progress of each student. By utilizing OER Commons, students and teachers are able to track the learning process and measure the implementation of CBL. The vast amount of open educational materials makes it easy for learners to engage with the content, regardless of their background or experience level.

Using OER Commons also provides educators with an opportunity for collaboration. The platform allows for the sharing of best practices, as well as resources that can be used to enhance their teaching and instruction. In addition, OER Commons supports community-based initiatives that work to improve access to quality education.

OER Commons is an invaluable resource for those striving to provide a personalized and competency-based learning environment. The platform’s extensive library of open educational resources along with it’s supportive professional and community networks empower educators to harness all the potential of personalized learning.