May 22, 2024

Oxford University Press India Releases Early year Solutions

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The OUP titles ‘My Learning Train’ for pre-key and main, ‘Oxford Benefit Little Champ’ blended product for newcomers and degrees 1 & 2 and ‘New Making the most of Mathematics’ for grades 1, 2 emphasise interactivity-oriented approach conforming to the Nationwide Curriculum Framework for Foundational Levels 2022

Oxford University Press India (OUP), a office of the University of Oxford, has launched its early-calendar year array of blended options conforming to the Countrywide Curriculum Framework 2022 for Foundational Stages (NCF-FS) dependent on the tips of the Countrywide Schooling Plan (NEP) 2020.  

The freshly designed collection of blended products and solutions are primarily based on the tips of NCF-FS for developmental continuum for youngsters concerning the age teams of 3-8 covering Early Childhood Care and Training of the initially three decades and lessons 1 and 2, with teachers as torch bearer of this adjust. Transitioning to the new curricular and pedagogical framework, the products and solutions are obtainable in print and electronic (blended) formats to be deployed by the partner faculties in the forthcoming educational session 2023-24.   


Resource link The Oxford University Press India (OUP) recently released Early Year Solutions – an educational toolkit designed to help schools better equip young students. The introduction of this online platform marks an exciting milestone in the field of early year education in India.

The Early Year Solutions is designed to provide schools with the latest resources and teaching strategies to help them successfully plan and deliver excellent early years education. It provides practical solutions that addresses the learning needs of preschool, pre-primary and lower primary school levels.

The platform includes resources such as storybooks, videos, puzzles and activities, assessments, interactive games for children and a wide range of teacher-focused tools. It also has fun interactive teaching tools that are designed to engage children and make learning enjoyable.

The platform has been developed keeping in mind the pedagogy of the Indian education system and the varied needs of Indian schools. It follows the Integrated Early Year Curriculum Framework (IEYCF) prescribed by the government and is designed to cater to the needs of both urban and rural schools.

In addition to providing resources to schools, OUP India also aims to provide ongoing training and support to teachers and leaders. This includes webinars, personal coaching sessions and workshops for teachers.

The release of Early Year Solutions marks a significant step towards providing quality education to young children in India. OUP India is confident that the platform will help make a real difference to the lives of children and help them develop the knowledge and skills they need to succeed in the future.