May 24, 2024

North Macedonia: Country that donated all its tanks to Ukraine. What was the reason for this decision?

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Parting with all your tanks is a tricky determination. But now it is the finest time to do that, as the North Macedonian instance shows.

North Macedonian T-72A, illustrative photo via Defense Express

North Macedonian T-72A, illustrative photograph by means of Protection Express

On 29 July 2022, North Macedonia donated its T-72 major fight tanks to Ukraine – all 31 models. At the exact time, they disbanded their complete tank battalion.

Of training course, supporting Ukraine resist the Russian invasion is a reliable motive. But wasn’t this commitment a bit way too substantially for a somewhat compact place?

The conclusion to move forward with this system of action was not irresponsible in any way.

Certainly, skilled examination has been done adequately: there is no additional rationale to retain Soviet-era gear when it will be absolutely out of date in a few several years. Additionally, holding these machines in doing the job buy is starting to be more and more challenging due to the lack of spare elements. Because of to the war in Ukraine, locating substitution components grew to become a tough task.

“Based on assessment, tips, and strategies adopted for equipping the Military of the Republic of North Macedonia in the coming time period, the transformation or disbandment of the tank battalion will be carried out and contemporary anti-tank abilities will start off to be set up in the military, with the implementation of these plans already beneath way,” the Minister of Protection of North Macedonia commented the country’s selection past July.

Considering the fact that then, North Macedonia has been steadily rising its armed forces investing. The approach is to enhance the protection spending budget by 58% until eventually 2027.

Presently, the nation allocates about 2.6% of its GDP for defense – which is pretty a large amount offered that the NATO regular shelling out advice for allied nations around the world is 2%. These funds will be mostly aimed at transitioning toward NATO military services expectations and devices – like seriously armored motor vehicles.



Resource hyperlink North Macedonia has made a lofty commitment to assist Ukraine in their ongoing conflict with Russia, as the latest of many diplomatic shows of support. In a bold move of solidarity, the nation has donated all of its tanks to the Ukrainians, with Prime Minister Zoran Zaev sharing the news via Twitter.

The gesture reinforces the already close-knit relationship between the two countries, which have an official diplomatic and military cooperation agreement. North Macedonia has stood side-by-side with Ukraine since 2014, when the battle for independence broke out. The country’s commitment to this and other conflicts further demonstrates their dedication to freedom and global stability.

At a government level, the reason for donating the tanks to Ukraine is clear – to help modulate the military tension. Ukraine’s armed forces are numerous, formidable, and well-armed. But in order to maintain their strength on the battlefield, they must remain strategically resilient. North Macedonia’s tanks could prove essential in their mission to protect the Ukrainian borders.

Additionally, the tanks will play an important role beyond the military scope. Ukraine has been dealing with a massive influx of Russian refugees crossing the border and are in great need of humanitarian aid. The tanks will be utilized as a deterrent to aggression, thus putting an end to the cycle of sectarian violence and stopping countless deaths and other atrocities taking place.

Whether it is a military or humanitarian cause, North Macedonia’s offering to send tanks to Ukraine is a demonstration of might and an appreciation of Ukraine’s perilous fight for freedom. In a world of conflict, this exceptionally courageous act sets an inspiring example for all countries to follow.