May 22, 2024

No students proficient in math in 23 Baltimore schools

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Maryland Complete Evaluation Application benefits display that no pupils among the the 2,000 in 23 Baltimore universities — 8 elementary educational institutions, two elementary/middle faculties, 3 middle/high universities and 10 large faculties — had been proficient in math in 2022. The city’s all round math scores for grades a few by 8 had been the state’s cheapest, with 7% proficient.


Resource backlink A disturbing situation has been reported in 23 Baltimore schools, where not a single student has been deemed proficient in mathematics by the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) on their third-quarter report cards. These 23 schools are spread throughout the city, and represent a majority of the 98 schools in the city that participate in the testing. These results present a major challenge to the school districts, as mathematics is a foundational skill that is necessary to gain entrance to higher educational attainment, as well as professional and personal success.

The PARCC scores illustrate a greater problem that can manifest in other areas of academic learning as well. Baltimore City Public Schools Acting CEO Tisha Edwards stated, “We have to view these results as a call for improvement and as an opportunity to re-focus our attention on where the gaps exist in operations, instruction, and student supports.” A district spokesperson added, “It’s important to point out these scores reflect a snapshot in time, and the students and staff in these classrooms have made academic progress — including in mathematics.”

This isn’t the first set of discouraging scores out of Baltimore City schools. Despite a 3.3% overall score increase in the English/Language Arts portion of the PARCC test, only 26 schools demonstrated Math proficiency according to results release at the end of February. It also marks a blow to two-year-old plans by the school district to increase its top schools’ Math scores, with improvements made in all the district schools except for these 23.

The Baltimore school district is currently making plans on how best to adjust their approach to education, with all improvements having to start with mathematics scores in the district. Until then, the entire city will be watching closely in hopes that the district is able to turn around these lagging scores and give all of their students the opportunity for success.