April 19, 2024

Minecraft Mastery: How to Tame a Horse in the Blocky World

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Taming a horse in Minecraft is an exciting and useful skill that allows you to ride these majestic creatures across the blocky landscapes of the game. Horses can be faster than walking, and some even have the ability to jump higher. how to tame a horse in minecraft? Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to tame a horse in Minecraft:

Finding Horses:

Explore Open Areas:

Horses usually spawn in plains and savanna biomes. Look for open fields where these creatures are more likely to appear.


Craft or Obtain a Saddle:

To ride a horse, you need a saddle. You can find saddles in various locations like dungeons, temples, and villages. If you don’t have one, you can craft a saddle using five leather and three iron ingots.

Craft or Obtain Apples or Hay Bales:

You’ll need apples or hay bales to feed the horse and speed up the taming process. Apples can be obtained by breaking leaves or killing trees, and hay bales can be crafted using nine wheat.

Taming Process:

Approach the Horse Slowly:

Horses in Minecraft are skittish, and a sudden approach may cause them to bolt. Walk slowly towards the horse to avoid scaring it away.

Right-Click or Left-Trigger:

To mount the horse, right-click (Java Edition) or left-trigger (Bedrock Edition) on the horse. The horse will likely attempt to buck you off at first.

Remain on the Horse:

As the horse attempts to throw you off, keep pressing the mount button. You may get thrown off several times, but persistence is key.

Feed the Horse:

Once you’ve successfully mounted the horse, open your inventory and select the apples or hay bales. Right-click (Java Edition) or press the action button (Bedrock Edition) to feed the horse.

Hearts indicate Taming:

Hearts will appear above the horse when it accepts the food. This signifies that the taming process is progressing.

Repeat the Process:

Continue mounting the horse and feeding it until you see hearts consistently. This may take several attempts, depending on the horse’s initial temperament.

Checking Taming Progress:

Monitor the Taming Bar:

In the Bedrock Edition, a taming bar appears on the screen, indicating the horse’s level of taming. In Java Edition, you can monitor the horse’s behavior and the appearance of hearts.

Putting on the Saddle:

Open the Horse’s Inventory:

Once the horse is fully tamed, right-click (Java Edition) or press the action button (Bedrock Edition) on the horse without any item in your hand to open its inventory.

Place the Saddle:

Move the saddle from your hotbar into the saddle slot in the horse’s inventory.

Mount and Ride:

Close the horse’s inventory, and right-click (Java Edition) or press the mount button (Bedrock Edition) on the horse to ride it. You can now control the horse’s movement, and some horses may have the ability to jump higher.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully tamed and saddled a horse in Minecraft. Enjoy your new mode of transportation and the added benefits that come with having a trusty steed in the blocky world!