April 16, 2024

Microsoft Teams Premium just got these OpenAI powered features; it is FREE for now

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Your Teams meetings are established to be much more intelligent, personalised, and secured, suggests Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. This is so mainly because Microsoft has rolled out a new and top quality Groups company which is driven by OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 technological innovation. Nadella took to Twitter to announce, “We’re bringing the energy of massive language versions, like OpenAI’s GPT, to Teams Premium, as we make conferences extra clever, customized, and shielded.”

What will improve with the arrival of the High quality Groups attribute? It is explained that OpenAI-owned GPT-3.5 will aid to generate conference notes, advocate jobs, and also supply reside translations throughout the Groups conferences to make the perform a lot more successful and effortless. This will be attainable owing to the smart recap in Groups quality to help you get the information and facts most important to you, even if you pass up the assembly. With smart recap, you can now save time spent reviewing assembly recordings.

AI-produced chapters divide the assembly into sections so it is really simple to choose and choose the written content most applicable to you. This is offered beginning February 1 for PowerPoint Reside meeting recordings. Smart recap will routinely produce conference chapters primarily based on the conference transcript as effectively. Aside from this, customized timeline markers characteristic has been also included to Teams which can be only considered by you when you joined or still left a meeting in the recording.

Microsoft states, “With stay translations (for captions) now readily available in Groups Premium, you get AI-run genuine-time translations from 40 spoken languages.”

Who can get Microsoft Teams Top quality

You can give Microsoft Groups Premium a test for free of charge for 30 days. Your absolutely free Microsoft Teams Top quality demo will instantly conclude after 30 days. You get ahead of July 1, 2023, for just USD7 for each user for each month. Microsoft says that it is 30 p.c off the common USD10 pricing.


Resource url Microsoft Teams continues to evolve and strengthen its cloud-based workplace collaboration services. In a major update to Teams, Microsoft has added several new features powered by the OpenAI GPT-3 language engine, the one backed by the venture capital firm Vulcan Capital.

The new features are focused on improving customer experience, quality of discussions, and project coordination. Microsoft Teams has now integrated OpenAI’s GPT-3 language engine, which is designed to power natural-language conversations. According to Microsoft, the GPT-3 language engine can “quickly surface conversations across channels and teams while keeping users on top of all their tasks and it can also provide accurate answers to questions.”

The goal is to make conversations on Teams more efficient and effective. To this end, Microsoft has added features such as AI-Powered Search and Autocomplete, AI-Powered Smart Suggestions, and AI-Powered Meeting Summaries. AI-Powered Search and Autocomplete is designed to make it easier to find documents, conversations, and other content while AI-Powered Smart Suggestions provides Intelligent auto-suggestions to help users complete tasks faster. Finally, AI-Powered Meeting Summaries provides an end-of-meeting summary detailing actions taken, decisions made, and other important information.

Microsoft Teams Users with a Premium Plan will have access to these new features. Moreover, for a limited period of time, Microsoft is offering a 90-day free trial of the Teams Premium Plan, so users can try out the new AI-powered capabilities. The trial also includes additional features such as file sharing and Storage, unlimited meetings, 2 GB file uploads and 10 GB of team storage.

The introduction of AI-powered features to Teams is a sign of Microsoft’s commitment to making its collaboration platform more powerful and user-friendly. It not only simplifies communications, it also empowers users to complete tasks quicker by having virtual conversations that produce results in an intelligent way. So, if you want to take advantage of these powerful new capabilities, grab the 90-day free trial of the Teams Premium Plan while you can.