May 20, 2024

Maine schools reimbursed for remote learning day meals

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The Maine Office of Schooling will reimburse college districts for meals delivered to pupils learning remotely, for instance in the course of snow days, many thanks to a waiver authorized by the USDA Food and Nourishment Service. This will make it possible for “kids [to] continue on to get the healthy foods they need to have though working practically,” said Adriane Ackroyd, the point out department’s assistant director of baby diet.


Supply website link Maine schools have recently been reimbursed for providing meals on remote learning days during the coronavirus pandemic.

The federal government approved an additional $17 million in funding from the United States Department of Agriculture to Maine’s nutrition programs. This will help ensure that all students in Maine have access to meals during remote learning days.

Maine’s state department of education allocated funds to all of its school districts to provide meals on remote learning days. In addition, the funds will help meet the cost of providing meals to students in rural or poorer areas of the state, as well as students who may be food insecure or living in homeless shelters.

The additional funds will help provide approximately 13,000 additional meals per day to students in need. This equates to approximately 2.6 million meals throughout the school year.

The funding also covers the cost of providing meals to students in special education programs. This is something that many other states have struggled with, and it is an important advance for Maine education.

The funds are expected to be available for school districts in the near future and will help ensure that all Maine students have access to nutritious and balanced meals during remote learning days. This is in line with the federal government’s goals of promoting the health and well-being of American students, especially during the coronavirus pandemic.

This funding is great news for Maine students, schools, and families and will help ensure that all students continue to receive meals during remote learning days.