April 17, 2024

Linode commits to NVMe storage infrastructure upgrade across its global datacentre portfolio

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Linode has fully commited to upgrading the storage infrastructure of its whole worldwide datacentre estate more than the coming quarter to bolster the performance and resiliency of its cloud infrastructure companies.   

The US-primarily based infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) company positions by itself as an alternative community cloud service provider by saying to offer you customers an reasonably priced and more simple to use set of products and services.

This is part of a broader press by the business to democratise accessibility to off-premise providers and make them accessible to a substantially broader array of corporations and users.  

The enterprise operates 11 datacentres all over the world, like a person in the United kingdom and an additional in Germany, and has set out options to enhance the block storage infrastructure within all these sites by upgrading to a non-volatile memory categorical storage (NVMe) set up.

The project will pave the way for Linode to deploy its initial erasure-coded block storage cluster, which will supply it with a indicates of storing facts making use of the open up source storage program system Ceph, This, in change, will use an algorithm to splice the facts into chunks for functionality effectiveness motives.

The update system is by now underway at the firm’s US-dependent datacentre in Atlanta, with the rest of its server farms set to be upgraded to NVMe during this quarter, with Linode proclaiming to be 1 of the initial hyperscale providers to deploy the technology at scale.

“We place a whole lot of energy into generating our block storage platform more performant and successful,” said Linode founder and CEO Chris Aker.

“Making things a lot quicker is very good. Making them faster, additional resilient and more dependable is even greater. And undertaking it in a way that doesn’t price clients a lot more is what developers have come to count on from us”
Chris Aker, Linode

“Using erasure-coded clusters, we’re able to extract 160% additional usable storage out of the similar raw disk ability. It is an unbelievable boost in storage performance finished in a way that will allow us to supply significant efficiency without generating a quality tier like most other vendors would.”

NVMe is in essence a components interface for solid-condition drive (SSD) storage, which are marketed as currently being a phase up – in effectiveness phrases – from conventional spinning challenging disk push technological innovation.

“Making items quicker is superior. Building them a lot quicker, a lot more resilient and additional trusted is even superior. And executing it in a way that doesn’t charge clients extra is what developers have come to assume from us,” extra Aker.

In accordance to preliminary research from IaaS service provider benchmarking company, Cloud Spectator, Linode company plans that are equipped with the NVMe block storage capabilities outperform comparable offerings from the likes of DigitalOcean and premium choices from Amazon Net Products and services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

The upgraded storage providers will be made available absolutely free of cost to all Linode consumers, the organization confirmed.


Supply url Linode, LLC, an industry-leading global cloud provider, has announced it is upgrading its portfolio of data centers across the globe to include NVMe storage infrastructure. This commitment to state-of-the-art technology will ensure customers experience the highest levels of performance and reliability.

NVMe, or Non-Volatile Memory Express, is a computer storage protocol that replaces the SATA standard for data storage. NVMe is significantly faster and offers a more scalable, reliable, and consistent experience for customers than traditional HDDs. NVMe-based devices offer near-instantaneous access times, drastically improving the performance of applications, databases, and virtual desktops. It also reduces latency, allowing applications to run more effectively with faster response times to user requests.

Linode provides customers with sophisticated hardware and software, providing a comprehensive solution that is tailored to fit the specific needs of each customer. With its commitment to the best storage possible, Linode is now keeping the data of their customers secure and accessible through an NVMe storage infrastructure. In addition to providing the latest hardware, Linode has also made sure that their data centers have adequate power and cooling capabilities in order to support NVMe technology.

Linode is already widely recognized as one of the most reliable cloud storage providers and this upgrade further cements their reputation. With this enhanced performance, customers can rely on Linode to provide them with the best storage solution available. This commitment to innovation ensures that their customers can focus on their business needs, instead of worrying about their data infrastructure.

With this upgraded storage infrastructure, customers can rest easy knowing that their data is both secure and accessible. They can experience performance previously unheard of, and focus on the needs of their customers instead of worrying about the hardware and software in the back end. Linode is proud to be leading the charge in providing the most advanced storage infrastructure possible and is confident that this investment will serve their customers for years to come.

We at Linode are excited to be at the forefront of NVMe storage infrastructure and are proud to provide a reliable and secure solution for our customers. We are dedicated to innovation and will continue to provide the most cutting-edge storage solutions available to ensure that all of our customers receive the highest quality service.