May 20, 2024

Learning From “Viral” Teaching Moments

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It’s Black Record Month—which signifies, inevitably, we’ll hear a story (or 10) about a trainer caught up in a scandal for obtaining pupils perform a “slavery role-engage in” or in the same way egregious and offensive classroom activity. But as instructor Matt Kay writes, it’s what the relaxation of us educators study from these controversies that seriously matters when it will come to addressing the racism underlying viral moments. Read through extra from his column in the February issue of Academic Leadership.


Source url Modern technology has changed the way we access and share information. It is no surprise, then, that a great number of individuals have turned to the internet in search of educational content. With platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and TikTok, anyone with a device and an internet connection can easily access tutorials, online classes, and e-books.

At times, the internet creates an unexpected learning opportunity, known as a “viral” teaching moment. In these situations, a seemingly mundane example of something — often times a video — becomes popular and widely shared by audiences around the world. In the end, this example has taught people something about the world around them, creating a spontaneous teaching experience.

Although a viral teaching moment isn’t a conventional way for people to learn, it is a fantastic way to supplement and enhance formal education. For example, a viral video of a lion tamer in action might inspire mem and women to gain more knowledge about animal behavior, or a popular of a tech device might lead to people wanting to know more about programming. In either case, the teaching moment could lead to an interest in advanced courses, practical experiments, and real-world activities in which they could apply the knowledge they have acquired.

Moreover, viral teaching moments offer a more relaxed yet interactive learning experience as compared to traditional methods. Lively conversations among peers, instant feedback, and direct access to the teachers are only a few of the incredible benefits that can be enjoyed via internet-based learning. This creates a unique and welcoming learning environment where students can discover and explore their passions.

In conclusion, taking advantage of viral teaching moments is an engaging and effective way to stay informed and cultivate new interests. People of all ages and backgrounds can use these experiences as an educational supplement and can explore a variety of topics in an ever-expanding digital world.