May 20, 2024

Imarticus Learning Floats Game based Learning Solution

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The B2B answer delivers solution for businesses looking to reinvent the onboarding knowledge they give to staff

Imarticus Finding out, India’s qualified schooling agency, has launched StartOnboard, a new B2B game-centered solution for onboarding staff, processes and goods seamlessly.

StartOnboard includes function-play-primarily based discovering modules that assist employees expertise a simulated surroundings and continue being engaged in the course of the process. With StartOnboard, organisations can produce video game-centered onboarding modules customized to their prerequisites. The worker acts as the video game participant and completes the assigned actions even though learning simultaneously. Even though the notion seems to be gamification, it’s much much more futuristic, enabling organisations to remedy their onboarding method troubles, this will increase the engagement by 3 folds. It also aids the staff members to retain most of the data shared for the duration of the onboarding software – organization historical past, journey, eyesight, HR procedures, and so on.


Source hyperlink Imarticus Learning, a leader in professional certification and career-oriented learning solutions, recently announced the launch of its specialized offering – a game based learning solution named ‘Imarticus Floats’. This innovation enables corporate professionals to navigate their role-based learning of business functions and processes in a gaming-based environment.

Organizations across industries have for long recognized the potential of using gaming as a platform for learning. Imarticus Floats leverages this potential and seamlessly integrates gaming into the delivery of corporate learning programs.

Through the specialized learning platform, users are able to acquire functional knowledge in a fun and engaging manner. It is designed to create a virtual game based environment which individuals can effortlessly explore. This learning platform is an effective solution for working professionals who want to stay competitive in their fields by continuously learning, in their own time and at their own pace.

The game based platform serves as a means to learn with engaging visuals and simulating multi-dimensional application-based questions. It also allows users to get an overview of the skills needed in their profession, while providing an engaging platform to practice and assess their learning.

The platform is further equipped with special features such as conductance of virtual assessments and efficient narratives that facilitate rapid comprehension and retention of concepts. It also features simulated scenarios, incorporating real-world examples along with interactive quizzes.

At Imarticus Learning, the focus is on continuous innovation to offer cutting-edge learning solutions for diverse sectors and roles. Imarticus Floats game based learning solution is the latest addition to the fold, constructed to enable professionals to stay ahead in their field by creating a learning environment that they can enjoy while mastering the skills they require.