May 24, 2024

I Got My Ex Back, Even Though I Did Everything Wrong! | Free Podcasts

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Source link We have all been there – doing everything wrong in an effort to get an ex back. It may seem as if all hope is lost, with no chance of getting the one we love back into our life. Well, it is possible – and one example of this is a new complimentary iTunes Podcast series launched recently by popular relationship coach, Robyn Scott.

In Robyn’s podcast, she shares her own experience as a woman in her early thirties who had thought she had done everything wrong to get back the love of her life. She went through a very difficult time until she began to discover certain principles that have been proven to be successful when it comes to reconnecting with an ex. Robyn shares her personal story of her journey back to love, alongside advice from leading relationships specialists and therapists.

Robyn’s free podcast series ‘I got my ex back, even though I did everything wrong!’ offers practical guidance on getting an ex back, with topics such as recognizing the mistakes that were made, strategies for changing old patterns of behavior, methods for building trust, and pivotal steps for taking a relationship to the next level.

This podcast series is a unique opportunity to receive advice and guidance from one of the country’s leading relationship experts. It is ideal for individuals who may have done everything wrong in pursuing the person they love, but still want a second chance to make things right.

So if you are a person who believes they are not getting a second chance due to all their mistakes, check out Robyn Scott’s iTunes Podcast ‘I got my ex back, even though I did everything wrong!’ and gain insight into successful strategies for reconciling with an ex and getting the love they are missing back into their life.