July 16, 2024

Huge iPhone 13 price cut announced! But should you do THIS instead?

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Awareness Iphone lovers! If you are searching to buy a new smartphone, you may have been browsing through distinct ecommerce web sites to verify if you can get a good price reduction. Even so, savings are quite unstable on the internet. They occur and go and are normally constrained for a compact time period of time or till the stock lasts. But ideal now, there is a fantastic Iphone 13 selling price minimize available on Flipkart which provides down the price tag of the smartphone from Rs. 69900 to Rs. 60999, which include bank give. And whilst the offer is unquestionably a good a person, the problem is must you purchase the smartphone or hold out a little bit extended? Find out.

Cellphone 13 rate reduce on Flipkart

The retail price tag of the Apple iphone 13 is Rs. 69900 for the 128GB variant. Having said that, these days, Flipkart is featuring a flat 9 p.c low cost on the smartphone. This interprets into a price reduction of Rs. 6901 on the smartphone. At this level, you can purchase the smartphone for Rs. 62999 and this will not require any other particulars this kind of as exchange supply or employing a particular bank’s cards.

Nonetheless, you can get an supplemental Rs. 2000 price reduction if you do own an HDFC Bank card. All you need to have to do is make the payment using the card’s aspects and you will have to shell out just Rs. 60999 for the smartphone. More, there is also an trade offer truly worth Rs. 23000, in case you want to trade in your current smartphone. But do remember, to avail the total quantity from the exchange, you would involve an highly-priced and newer design. On the positive aspect, you will get some price cut no issue which product you select to trade.

Not guaranteed which
mobile to get?


Ought to you go for the existing Iphone 13 price tag reduce?

The selection is dependent solely on your need and choice. This is a superior offer and past developments have revealed that the selling price of Apple iphone 13 has in no way gone below Rs. 60000 exterior of a sale. And the following sale could be a month or two absent. Even so, if you do not intellect waiting, then it is probably worthy of not speeding in due to the fact the price of Apple iphone 13 came down as minimal as Rs. 47990 in the course of the Diwali sale of 2022. It can even go even reduced in an approaching sale. Also, if you can hold out, when the new Apple iphone 15 launches in Autumn, it will surely direct to a more Iphone 13 value cut.


Source backlink Ah, the day of Apple fanatics everywhere has finally arrived. After months of speculation, Apple has officially announced their heavily anticipated iPhone 13 with a huge price cut.

But are consumers getting the best bang for their buck by investing in the latest release of the iPhone? The price has come down, and with it the bells and whistles that normally come with any new iPhone offering. But in the current economic environment, should potential iPhone 13 owners be doing something else with their money?

For starters, before jumping into a major purchase, consumers should consider their individual needs. Just because there’s a new iPhone on the market doesn’t mean the previous model isn’t suitable for one’s needs and lifestyle. Consumers should take the time to assess their options. What features do they need in their mobile phone and will the traditional model satisfy that? Do they need the latest model or is the previous edition just as good?

Another option is to put the money towards investing in a low risk investment such as a savings account or mutual fund. Doing this not only allows consumers to see a return on their money over time, but it also introduces them to the world of investing.

Finally, people should think about exploring other technology options besides the iPhone. Looking into other options such as the Android, can open up possibilities that consumers may not have considered before. Whether it be the latest of another mobile phone brand, a tablet, or even a laptop, this should be at the forefront for consumers when making a purchase decision.

Remember, the best decision isn’t always the shiny new thing, it’s the one that best fits a person’s needs. Ultimately, the choice is ultimately up to the individual, but with the new iPhone 13 price cut, it can at times be hard for consumers to make the most informed decision.