July 16, 2024

Force Tractor Price in India 2024 – TractorGyan

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A force tractor can be purchased for anywhere from Rs 4.5 to Rs 7.20 lakhs. In the force tractor lineup, the Force Orchard DLX LT is the least expensive tractor, priced at Rs 4.50 Lakhs. The Force Sanman 6000 is the priciest tractor in the Force lineup, priced at Rs 7.20 Lakhs. For force tractors, the HP range is 27 to 51 HP. These tractors represent the ultimate in modern engineering and farming know-how. International recognition is accorded to force tractors due to their advanced engines and gearboxes. This is evident from their mass-produced tractors.

More than ten distinct tractor models are available in India from Force Tractors. Because these tractor models have 4wd drive options, they can be used in a range of terrains, increasing their utility beyond only flat areas.

Additionally, Force Tractors provides a tractor series called Force Orchard that is intended for use in orchard farming.