June 20, 2024

Follow This Guide If Your QuickBooks Not Updating

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Facing problems with QuickBooks not updating? Discover effective solutions to resolve update issues and keep your accounting software up to date. Get expert tips and troubleshooting guidance for seamless QuickBooks updates.

QuickBooks is an all-in-one accounting software that manages your payroll and accounting needs. The smooth functioning of this software and continuous handling of your accounting needs require using its updated version. However, when trying to update QuickBooks, you might experience some errors. Mainly, ‘QuickBooks not updating’ due to some common update or network connection issues.


You must identify these issues or errors before trying to troubleshoot them. So, we are writing this comprehensive guide with a list of update errors and some suitable fixes. Read this guide thoroughly to troubleshoot this issue permanently. 


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List of Possible Errors and Reasons that Can Interrupt the QB Update 


Here’s a list of possible errors a user can face when unable to update QuickBooks to the latest release. 


  • Error code 12045 
  • Error code 12157
  • Error code 12038
  • Error code 12037
  • Error code 12031
  • Error code 12173
  • Error code 12045
  • Error code 12009


Let’s get familiar with the reasons that interrupt your QuickBooks update and trigger errors we have discussed. 


  • The internet connection settings of your computer might be incorrect, which interrupted your QuickBooks update. 
  • Incorrect date and time of your computer can also interrupt you from updating QB. 

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Relatable Solutions to Fix the QuickBooks Update Errors and Issues 


Move to the below section and follow the troubleshooting solutions mentioned below. The provided solution will help you troubleshoot the update issues you are facing. 

Solution 1: Correct the Date and time of Your System 

Here’s how you can correct the date & time of your system. 


  • Open your computer’s ‘Start’ menu and type ‘Settings’ in the search bar. 
  • Click ‘Open’ to the ‘Time & Language’ option. 
  • Select ‘Date & Time’ and move to the ‘Set time automatically’ option. 
  • Next to the ‘Set the date and time manually’ option, click ‘Change.’
  • Change the date and time to the current one and save these changes.
  • Finally, restart your computer and try again to update QuickBooks.   

Solution 2: Review the Network Connection Settings from QuickBooks 


The internet connection is the source of updating or downloading software on your computer. Now, make sure your internet connection settings are correct on your computer. 

  • Go to QuickBooks’s Help menu and select ‘Internet Connection Setup’ from the drop-down. 
  • Further, select ‘Use my computer’s Internet Connection settings to establish a connection when this application accesses the Internet’ and click ‘Next.’
  • Choose the ‘Advanced Connection settings’ option and move the ‘Advanced’ tab from the open window. 
  • Select ‘Restore Advanced settings’ and click ‘OK.’
  • Save these changes by clicking ‘Done’ and update QuickBooks again. 


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The solutions mentioned above will help you fix ‘QuickBooks not updating’ by troubleshooting the possible errors a user can face. However, there can still be issues when you require some professional help. Dial  +18557380359  to connect with QB experts and consult your issues.