May 25, 2024

Financepeer Rebrands As LEO1 – BW Education

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Financepeer, India’s edu-fintech startup has unveiled its new manufacturer id ‘LEO1’. LEO1 is envisioned as an Umbrella brand or the guardian brand name underneath which the organization aims at introducing several items in the schooling area these types of as LEO1 costs, LEO1 campus, LEO1 card and LEO1 find out which can incorporate uniformity to the internet marketing solution.

As a result of the rebranding, the business strives at getting an Embedded financial ecosystem with a target on supporting money as well as IT infrastructure in the training industry.


Supply url Today, financepeer’s parent company BW Education announced that the company has been rebranded as LEO1. The new brand further underscores financepeer’s efforts to position itself as an education-focused platform that offers innovative financial services and tools to demystify money smarts.

Founded in 2018, financepeer has consistently used a creative approach to providing financial education and products to customers around the world. Financepeer has long been committed to helping those without traditional access to financial services and products to better understand their rights and opportunities through online digital products and education. Now, rebranded as LEO1, the company is taking strides to improve their services and provide greater access to financial products, services, and resources for underserved markets.

LEO1 seeks to bring financial inclusion for the millions of people worldwide who continue to be excluded from the formal financial sector. Through education, resources, and innovative technologies, LEO1 enables customers from underserved markets to access the necessary resources to make smarter financial decisions.

The LEO1 rebrand also reflects the company’s increasing focus on its core commitment to financial education. Over the course of the pandemic, LEO1 has heavily invested in virtual courses and financial education materials, in order to ensure that customers are able to make informed decisions about their financial futures. With the rebrand, LEO1 will continue to focus on providing customers with the best financial education, resources, and products possible.

At the height of the pandemic, LEO1 donated more than USD 10 million to various charities in the areas of education, healthcare, human rights, and more. In the rebrand announcement, LEO1 revealed that they will “redouble” their commitment to philanthropy and sustainability initiatives, to further democratize financial inclusion globally.

In a statement, CEO Vishwas Shringi said, “By embracing our new identity as LEO1, we aim to create even greater access to financial services and resources, to make the world a better place.”

With the rebrand, LEO1 looks to further their goal of enabling our customers with greater access to digital financial services, resources, and education worldwide. Going forward, they remain committed to creating a world where everyone has the tools they need to make better financial decisions.