April 19, 2024

EL Twitter Chat: Content & Curriculum

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Resource website link The development of social media has transformed the way people communicate and interact in our modern world. Every day, people are logging onto their favorite platforms, such as Twitter, to post their thoughts and engage in conversations with their peers. At EL (English Learner) Education, a dedicated group of teachers, administrators, and language professionals are taking advantage of this technology to offer a new and innovative way to help students learn English.

Their creation is called the EL Twitter Chat: Content & Curriculum. This chat allows students to interact with each other while they are learning English. Through the chat, students are able to ask each other questions, offer suggestions, and ultimately, help each other improve their English grammatical and language skills.

The chat contains content created by the EL Education team, including sample sentences for students to practice their writing and reading skills, and audio clips to help students improve their listening and pronunciation. These materials are tailored to help students with different language proficiency levels, giving them the opportunity to progress at their own pace.

EL Education’s Twitter chat runs twice a week: once on Tuesdays and once on Thursdays. During each chat, they post three topics related to grammar, vocabulary, and reading/speaking practice. Students have one hour to research each topic, exchange ideas with their peers, and post their findings.

The EL Twitter Chat: Content & Curriculum is a great opportunity for English language learners to learn and practice their language skills with their peers in an interactive setting. It not only gives students the tools to practice their English language skills, but also improves their communication and social interaction. Additionally, this chat provides a safe environment for all students to participate, regardless of their language proficiency or learning level. With EL Education’s innovative use of social media, learning English has never been easier.