June 20, 2024

EDF increases GIS software use at Hinkley Point C nuclear power site

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EDF is expanding the use of a geographic details procedure for the Hinkley Stage C nuclear electricity station design project in Somerset.

The system supplier is Esri British isles. EDF is working with it to generate a portal that presents a single watch of the entire project.

Jon Dolphin, challenge supervisor and GIS direct at HPC explained, in a assertion from Esri: “The scale of the challenge offers a complex logistical obstacle.

“Clarity of building info is crucial and the GIS portal presents a one perspective of this, which drives collaboration as persons can see the place issues are occurring and when. Every staff or contractor is earning conclusions based mostly on the similar data. The self-confidence this generates can make decision-creating more quickly and strengthens the potential of groups to do the job additional proficiently. As a end result, we’ve found improvements in excellent, protection and productivity.”

The portal was set up in a proof-of-principle task in 2020, then applied it completely in the spring of previous yr.

Extra just lately, the procedure has been opened up to what EDF calls “Tier one” contractors, when development of the nuclear reactors commenced. There are 1,500 folks making use of it.

Dolphin claimed: “Small pilots showed what was feasible. Users now search the spatial info, check out purposes and enable new digital workflows related to them. The quantity of portal buyers is escalating daily as more people today become knowledgeable of what GIS has to offer you and additional use scenarios emerge.”

Hinkley Point C is 1 of Europe’s premier construction projects, with 8,000 workers on the 450-acre website. It is the UK’s to start with new nuclear electric power station built given that Sizewell B in 1995. 

EDF promises that it will give about 7% of the UK’s electrical power, powering close to 6 million homes.

The GIS has changed paper checklists, clipboards and spreadsheets. Esri cited crisis planning data, claimed to be employed to present assurance for regulatory purposes, which has now absent electronic, gathered on tablets and showing in genuine-time in the GIS portal.

Yet another instance of spreadsheet substitution that Dolphin gave in the Esri statement is an app designed to increase the management of generator permit requests. HPC desired to keep track of emissions as the website grew and wanted a in depth comprehension of generator use.

Contractors now have the ability to use a mobile app alternatively of a spreadsheet, to click on on a location and request a generator which is submitted into a workflow for approval. “The new digital technique has changed the previous spreadsheet-centered procedure, which lacked auditability and experienced no spatial context,” he reported.

“Having 1 GIS portal for our building details is immensely impressive for breaking down communication boundaries, having all people on the identical webpage and strengthening collaboration,” he included.

Potential options contain using the GIS to monitor and optimise the use of plant all-around the web-site to reduce emissions and make transport expert services far more intelligent, by tracking the site’s buses and other autos.


Source backlink The European energy infrastructure company EDF has announced an expansion of its use of Geographic Information System (GIS) technology at its flagship nuclear power plant site in Hinkley Point C, England. The company expects increased use of GIS software, which helps manage spatial information, will improve safety and efficiency of the site’s operations and increase the accuracy of data.

GIS software has been used for years to help energy infrastructure companies like EDF manage, monitor, and manipulate spatial information. At Hinkley Point C, which is one of the largest nuclear power plants in the world, the company will increase its use of GIS software to create detailed mapping of the entire facility and its many components. This will help EDF better understand the various activities at the site and optimize it for different uses.

The increase in GIS software use at Hinkley Point C will help to ensure that detailed information can be made available to engineers, technicians, and other personnel who are responsible for monitoring the facility and its operations. According to EDF, it will also help to reduce the need for onsite inspections and manual data collection, which will save time and money.

The move towards increased GIS software usage at Hinkley Point C is part of EDF’s continuing efforts to improve safety, efficiency and data accuracy at the site. In addition to using GIS software, the company has been investing in digital technologies to improve communication and collaboration among teams at the facility.

The new technology implemented by EDF as part of its GIS initiative at Hinkley Point C is expected to improve site operations and provide more accurate data. This will help the company to offer better services to its customers and reduce costs associated with operations. The increased use of GIS software is just one part of EDF’s overall efforts to make the nuclear power plant site at Hinkley Point C one of the most advanced and efficient in the world.