July 25, 2024

Calif. peer network aims to support Black students

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A nonprofit is supporting Black middle- and superior-university learners in California on difficulties these types of as university funding and mental wellness. The peer network, Black Pupils of California United, connects with students by means of a range of avenues, which include functions and social media, aiding them experience linked and elevating pupil voices to strengthen training chances for all Black learners.


Resource backlink In California, a new peer network is aiming to support Black high school students in the pursuit of higher education. Created by two former high school classmates, the College Match Fund is an online platform that serves as a resource to help Black students of all income levels to tap into and apply to college funds and resources.

The initiative was created by former classmates Elisa Mariscal and Lindsay Callopy, who both recognized the need for Black students to access and apply for higher education resources. As Mariscal explains, “As Black students and the first generation of college-goers ourselves, we know how hard and overwhelming it can be … We created this platform to give our peers a safe space to share and support each other as they applied for college funds.”

The College Match Fund offers one-on-one mentorship, online coursework, and student resources to help Black students develop the skills they need to succeed in college. It also provides a network of people and organizations to provide financial assistance and scholarship opportunities, as well as other resources that may not be available in their immediate communities.

In addition, the College Match Fund provides a variety of services, such as resume and scholarship essay reviews, guidance on financial aid processes, and tips on how to navigate the application process. By offering personalized guidance, Mariscal and Callopy hope their platform will make the college experience more accessible and equitable for Black students.

The platform also serves as a way for students to connect with other members of the Black community and connect with mentors, as well as to share success stories and resources with each other. Mariscal and Callopy are also focused on creating an engaged, supportive community for students to go to for advice and guidance.

In an effort to provide financial resources to Black students, College Match Fund recently partnered with Campus Books, a student-run nonprofit book exchange. Through this partnership, students can buy and donate books to support students in need, with all proceeds going directly to students.

As the college application process can be a difficult and daunting task, the College Match Fund offers peace of mind to Black students, providing them with the confidence and support they need to apply to college. By providing access to resources, mentorship opportunities, and a supportive online community, Mariscal and Callopy are helping to create a more equitable future for Black students in pursuit of higher education.