July 24, 2024

Calif. district grows CTE programs

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A California university district has invested in growing occupation and technical schooling programming for normal and particular instruction, suggests Dean McGee, the district’s deputy superintendent of instructional expert services and innovative courses. In this job interview, McGee shares how the programs are aligned with increased-schooling choices and that nighttime and on the web courses support make the programs a lot more accessible.


Source backlink In recent months, the Mariposa County Unified School District in California has been expanding its career and technical education (CTE) programs, particularly as resources for low-income and minority students. The efforts have been undertaken in an effort to bridge the gap between the skills students have and the knowledge and employment opportunities needed to succeed in the local job market.

To boost the reach of these new programs, Superintendent Dr. Noah Ostrom has implemented a number of initiatives and partnerships, such as hands-on workshops, mentorship programs, job shadowing opportunities, and internships, in conjunction with local businesses, community organizations and student clubs.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the Mariposa County Unified School District enrolled over 1,300 students in its CTE programs, with more than half identifying as low-income and minority. The majority of the CTE classes are held on campus, but some classes are offered in partnership with participating local businesses.

The district’s CTE curriculum presently includes offerings in engineering and logistics, business and finance, health and wellness, computer science, and technology. All of these classes are based on the California Department of Education’s model core curriculum, meaning students have access to work-based learning in the district’s CTE programs.

The district is also expanding its focus on the mental health of students, as mental health issues are increasingly being linked to career readiness. CTE programs are now emphasizing the importance of self-care, healthy peer relationships, and communication in addition to teaching skills and knowledge in the students’ chosen fields of study.

The Mariposa County Unified School District’s expansion of CTE programming offers much-needed opportunities to low-income and minority students in the area. With greater access to hands-on learning experiences and mental health support, students can increase their skills and knowledge for success in the local job market.