May 20, 2024

Bill would order testing, cleanup at elementary school

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Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., has introduced the Justice for Jana Elementary Act, which would direct the Section of Electricity to thoroughly clean up radioactive squander at the Coldwater Creek web-site connected to the Manhattan Project and also need the US Army Corps of Engineers to examination area university properties for radioactive contamination. Jana Elementary School closed previous calendar year following soil tests indicated the presence of radioactive material.


Supply website link On Tuesday, educators, parents, and state officials gathered in downtown Bozeman, Montana, to discuss a proposed bill that would require testing and cleanup of an elementary school contaminated by toxic chemical waste.

The contamination occurred in 2017 when a tanker truck carrying a load of hazardous material spilled its contents directly into the school’s playground. After the incident, state officials conducted inspections to ensure that the site is safe for residents. However, the tests found elevated levels of carcinogenic chemical compounds in the soil and groundwater.

The proposed bill calls for sampling and analysis of the contaminated areas to determine if the chemical compounds present a risk to the school’s student body. Furthermore, should elevated levels of toxic compounds be found, further testing and possible cleanup of the area will be mandated.

If the bill is passed, it will provide the funding and resources necessary to safeguard the community’s health and safety. It will require that the school district use its financial resources to cover the costs of testing and any potential cleanup.

The bill has received widespread support from the community and is expected to pass. It will be a significant step forward in protecting the health of the school children and families not only in Bozeman, but throughout Montana and the entire nation.