June 16, 2024

Before Kevin Costner hit it big, he starred in a very 80s Apple commercial

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Apple Lisa computer

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Prior to there was the Mac, there was the Apple Lisa. It hit the current market 40 many years in the past this thirty day period at a whopping $10,000 (nowadays, that would be shut to $30K).

The Apple Lisa truly came with a tough travel (all of 5 megabytes — not gigabytes or terabytes, but megabytes). It also delivered with floppy disk drives, but somewhat than using the typical (at the time) 5-inch floppies, Apple produced its very own totally distinctive 5-inch floppy structure with a second data-study/create slot. That pet failed to hunt either.

But there were being some improvements that would stand the test of time, as properly. The UI was primarily based on the Xerox Parc Alto personal computer and would be instantly recognizable by any Mac (and Windows) consumer currently. It utilised a mouse. It had a menu bar and icons, but no minor Apple glyph in the corner.

Also: Now you can down load the Apple Lisa’s source code

The Lisa also heralded the Apple user interface expectations documentation, which guided developers into setting up apps that were reliable from developer to developer. The Lisa was innovative, hubristic, wildly overpriced, and aspirational.

It was an utter failure.

But it paved the way for every thing we have these days, and in that way, it is really worth remembering. Just one other issue that is really worth remembering (or at the very least getting, if you haven’t found it ahead of) is the Lisa advertisement Kevin Costner made back again in 1982 or so.

At that stage, Costner was barely recognised. His massive declare to fame was playing Frat Boy #3 in Evening Shift, which starred Henry Winkler, Michael Keaton, and Shelly Extensive.

Costner, of class, went on to acquire two Oscars, 3 Golden Globe awards, a Primetime Emmy award… and 6 Razzies, including a person for my all-time beloved film, Waterworld.

In any case, with a shout out of many thanks to my World wide web Push Guild colleague David Needle, who turned me on to this video clip of Kevin Costner right before he was Kevin Costner, I existing this:


Did you know about the Apple Lisa? Have been you a single of the really couple who at any time utilized or developed for it? What’s your beloved Kevin Costner film or Tv show? Share beneath in the feedback. And of course, I preferred The Postman, but it wasn’t approximately as great as the book.

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Source link In the late 1980s, actor Kevin Costner was still relatively unknown when he starred in one of Apple’s most iconic commercials. Today, Costner is best known for his many award-winning films, but before his big break, he made a brief appearance in an Apple commercial.

This classic commercial, released in 1987, featured the cutting-edge Apple IIGS personal computer, and Costner was the spokesman for the device. Dressed casually in a blue button-down shirt and jeans, Costner narrated the ad as he steadily walked through various landscapes, such as mountains and deserts. During the commercial, Costner discussed the technological advances that came with the new Apple IIGS, reassuring the public that “it is the most versatile personal computer ever created and strong enough to move your business forward.” The commercial was a success, featuring one of the most popular “up-and-coming” actors at the time.

Five years later, in 1992, Costner rose to international fame. He starred in “Dances With Wolves,” a film that won seven Oscars, including Best Picture and Best Director, cementing Costner’s status as a Hollywood A-lister.

This Apple commercial then gained cultural relevance and cult status, as it memorialized Costner’s performance before he was ever famous. As one of the first successful commercials to feature a celebrity spokesperson, Kevin Costner’s ad for Apple IIGS is a memorable reminder of the technology and style of the era.