May 22, 2024

ASCD Champions in Education: Defining Impact

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Source connection Everything that comes out of ASCD stands for the highest education standards and professional practices. ASCD Champions in Education exemplify those standards and help us to achieve our mission of transforming education worldwide.

ASCD is committed to identifying and recognizing education champions, and the first such honor was given to teachers Bob Sullo and Mary Bea Milton in 2019. Sullo and Milton embodied the spirit of an inclusive and innovative education system. They provided positive feedback and support to colleagues while advocating for students.

This year, ASCD has announced the recipients of the 2021 ASCD Champions in Education award. These eleven extraordinary educators each demonstrate dedication to and leadership in innovative education practices. They challenge traditional models of teaching and their work has made a real impact in schools and districts across the country.

Some of our 2021 Champions in Education include Kari Brown, a mathematics mentor teacher in Texas, who challenges her student to become engaged problem solvers. Robert Dishman, a specialist for the National Science Foundation’s Supporting Effective Educator Development Grant, is passionate about science and encourages students to learn in real-world settings. Janeen Cavalier, a bilingual school counselor in Arizona, works to close the achievement gap, while Lori Miller, an art teacher in West Virginia, promotes creative problem solving.

The list goes on and on, as these educators have helped to improve the lives of countless numbers of students. ASCD is proud to recognize their hard work and congratulate them on their efforts. As our 2021 Champions in Education, these educators will inspire future teachers and administrators to create innovative learning environments for students nationwide.

ASCD is committed to bringing more education champions into the spotlight, so we encourage all teachers and administrators to follow our award-winning educators and their work. Together, we can cultivate an entire community of education champions, and ultimately make an even bigger impact on student success.