July 25, 2024

Appinventiv Teams With NGOs To Educate Underprivileged Children

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A workforce of about 1000 techies at software progress business, Appinventiv, are coming ahead to lead their particular hrs for the company’s social responsibility mission. The issue creating these techies tick to placing in far more hrs for their employer is a higher bring about past business gains, that the core management unitedly needs to provide. The lifestyle of giving begins from the management workforce itself, which the Management Group, inclusive of Saurabh Singh along with Sudeep Srivastava, Prateek Saxena, Peeyush Singh and  Dileep Gupta, not only endorses but procedures as effectively.

The corporation invited these inclined to volunteer to immediate their techniques in direction of educating the underserved upcoming of our nation – the underprivileged little ones. It has partnered with more than 5 NGOs for now in just the Delhi NCR area. The marketing campaign is set to increase via the company’s crew spanning throughout 5 centres of excellence in India by reworking into educators. 

It gained rapid reaction from numerous Appinventors demonstrating their fascination in knowing a lot more.


Supply url Appinventiv, a global technology company, recently unveiled its promise to champion the cause of underprivileged children with the aid of non-profit organizations in India. By partnering with multiple NGOs and institutions, the company seeks to promote basic education and provide academic support to these children.

Highlighting the importance of education, Appinventiv noted the current reality of thousands of children in India lacking basic education. With this initiative, they intend to bridge the gap by imparting essential skills through educational initiatives in several villages and cities throughout India.

The company will, in collaboration with NGOs, offer practical lessons on subjects such as Maths, Science and Language, amongst others. Interactive activities such as story-telling and music sessions shall be conducted to ensure an immersive learning experience for the children. Appinventv has also allocated funds for purchasing necessary literature and stationery items for an enhanced learning atmosphere. Furthermore, Appinventiv is confident of reaching a larger set of children through its high-impact digital initiatives.

The company believes this initiative will positively influence the lives of children and evidently work towards providing them a bright future. Appinventiv’s CEO Sachin Bhatia expressed his joy on being part of this project and thanked other stakeholders for their immense support.

The goal of this partnership is to benefit thousands of underprivileged children and strive towards a better future. Appinventiv envisions itself to be doing its part in providing equal access to quality education and in the process significantly contribute to society.