June 16, 2024

AI in the Classroom – Supporting Innovative Teaching and Increased Productivity

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Learn how introducing an AI electronic assistant into a classroom can change how educators train, giving them the liberty to teach from wherever in the area. Be part of us as Levi Belnap, Main Strategy Officer at Merlyn Thoughts, introduces Merlyn &#8211 the AI electronic assistant custom-created for the classroom, shares the positive aspects of using an AI electronic assistant, and discusses how the new strategic alliance with Promethean allows entry to powerful technological know-how in the classroom.

Crucial takeaways:

  • What an AI electronic assistant is and how Merlyn is various
  • How &#8220technostress&#8221 is described and how it can be reduced for teachers
  • How academics can competently command the apps and equipment they are previously employing in classrooms
  • How to carry simplicity into the classroom with AI
  • How Promethean & Merlyn Head are functioning jointly to boost classroom productivity and assist revolutionary instructing

We&#8217ll be hearing from business gurus: (for entire bios, see beneath)
Levi Belnap, Main System Officer, Merlyn Brain
Moderator &#8211 Kevin Hogan, eSchool Information, Editor-at-Big


Source hyperlink As AI-based technology is becoming more prevalent in modern society, its uses in the classroom are becoming more and more common. AI is being used to support innovative teaching as well as increased productivity in classrooms around the world.

A key way AI is transforming the classroom is through automated assessments. AI is able to grade essays, short answer questions, multiple-choice questions, and more. This is allowing educators to spend more time guiding the learning of their students, and allowing students to receive feedback more quickly. AI is also used to personalize learning, allowing students to get more out of their education. AI-driven platforms offer up tailored lessons, interactive feedback, and even virtual tutors.

In addition to these teaching-related benefits, AI is creating increased productivity in the classroom. AI bots are being used to help with task automation, research, lesson preparation, and more. For example, AI can be used for administrative tasks such as attendance, grading, and scheduling. AI can even be used for data mining and analysis, to provide insights into student progress and overall classroom performance.

One of the most exciting applications of AI in the classroom is its potential to revolutionize the way we approach learning. AI-based platforms can be used to create immersive learning experiences, such as virtual and augmented reality simulations. This could lead to a fundamentally different approach to education, with students engaging in more creative, exciting, and engaging learning activities.

AI has the potential to revolutionize the way we approach teaching and learning. By automating mundane tasks, increasing productivity, and creating engaging learning experiences, AI has the potential to make the classroom of the future infinitely more exciting.