July 24, 2024

5 NEW WhatsApp Status Update features announced; Status rings, status reactions, more

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On Tuesday, February 7, WhatsApp launched a slew of new options for people. These new functions are all about the ‘Status Update’ features, which consumers can see on a separate tab in the application. These new functions incorporate a personal audience selector, voice statuses, position reactions, status profile rings (similar to Instagram and Fb) and link previews on statuses. WhatsApp has begun rolling out these characteristics and if end users have not gained them currently, they must in the coming days. Make confident to update your application in get to use them. Enable us choose a closer glance at these new functions.

Announcing the update, WhatsApp mentioned in its site put up, “Status is a common way to share ephemeral updates with mates and close contacts on WhatsApp. They vanish in 24 several hours and may well include pics, films, GIFs, textual content, and more. We’re thrilled to include a established of new features to position on WhatsApp that make it simpler to categorical your self and join with others”.

New WhatsApp standing update functions

1. Personal Viewers Selector: Earlier, WhatsApp permitted consumers to block some contacts from looking at their statuses. Nevertheless, now users will be ready to select who will get to see their statuses each and every time they update it. This adaptable privateness element will permit customers to select and pick what to share with whom and not hold out an entire 24 hours prior to altering them.

2. Voice position: In this exclusive feature, users will now be equipped to incorporate and share voice messages in statuses. These voice messages can be as extensive as 30 seconds. This would perform accurately the same as voice messages in chats do.

3. Standing reactions: WhatsApp claimed it to be the most requested function by customers pursuing the launch of reactions previous calendar year. Buyers will get a selection of eight emojis to respond to any status swiftly. Reacting with replies will also exist in parallel for individuals who prefer phrases over emojis.

4. Standing profile rings for new updates: Customers will not overlook standing updates by close friends and loved ones with this new function. Anytime a user updates their status, their profile will be circled with a inexperienced ring indicating that there is a position which hasn’t been considered. It will be noticeable in the chat lists, group participant lists, and make contact with info.

5. Backlink preview on position: No a lot more unsightly URLs and one line textual content conveying what the url is all about. Now, end users will routinely see a visible preview of the url content material in statuses, just like they do in chats.


Resource website link WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, recently announced five new updates to the platform’s Status feature. These updates are aimed at providing users with greater flexibility when it comes to sharing their reactions, moods, and updates with their contacts.

The first update is Status Rings, which allow users to create and share ringtones in their status update. Status Rings are similar to traditional ringtones and can be used by users to show off their style or set a special tone when connecting with a contact. Additionally, Status Rings can be used as a way of showing support or appreciation for special people in a user’s life.

The second update is Status Reactions, which allow users to add reactions to the Status updates of their contacts. Reactions include smiling, laughing, crying, and more, allowing users to express their feelings without having to type them out.

The third new update is the ability to share GIFs, videos, and photos in Status. With this update, users can add personality to their updates and evoke a certain emotion from their contacts.

The fourth update is the ability to edit and delete Status updates. This new feature allows users to make sure their updates are always up-to-date and accurate.

Finally, WhatsApp has also added end-to-end encryption to Status updates to ensure that all content remains secure. This ensures that only people who the user intends to share the content with can access it.

Overall, these five updates to WhatsApp’s Status feature are sure to make the service even more engaging and enjoyable for its users. With the new features, users can now share their moods, reactions, and updates in even more ways.