July 24, 2024

1M1B Meta Launches Digital Nagrik Movement

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1M1B partners with Meta System Inc to launch the Electronic Nagrik movement a teacher-led pledge movement to develop active and risk-free electronic citizens in India

1M1B (One Million for Just one Billion) has introduced the Electronic Nagrik Marketing campaign led by instructors and educational advisors managed by 1M1B supported by Meta Platforms Inc. 1M1B is the official supporter of Safer World-wide-web Day and the campaign is portion of Meta’s Digital Suraksha, a campaign that aims to establish safer and inclusive net. Electronic Nagrik will create a local community of liable digital citizens who are informed of their digital legal rights and obligations. The Electronic Nagrik pledges will be out there starting off February 7 on Safer Web Day and can be signed right here.

Electronic Nagrik is the result of the Electronic Citizenship competencies curriculum that has been released for grades 6-8 formulated by CBSE academics managed by 1M1B and supported by Meta with the purpose to empower above 1 million instructors and 10 million students across India. The digital citizenship courses go over topics these kinds of as digital etiquette, cyber protection, cyberbullying, information literacy, using the net for social great, and the potential of our electronic environment, which include synthetic intelligence (AI), augmented fact (AR/VR), and the metaverse. The curriculum is meant to assistance lecturers of all subjects and grades recognize and train their pupils to be liable electronic citizens. 1M1B has by now engaged more than 4 lakh teachers and 11 lakh pupils on Digital Citizenship, very well-becoming, and Cyber Protection and designs to interact above 1 million men and women through the Electronic Nagrik pledge this 12 months.

“We all will have to consider the responsibility to develop an inclusive and secure world wide web. 1M1B has launched the Electronic Nagrik Campaign to teach and produce recognition about netiquette amid the youth,” mentioned Manav Subodh, Founder of 1M1B. 

Electronic Nagrik marketing campaign will be carried out by 1M1B in partnership with various regulatory bodies, ministries, faculties, and faculties to increase outreach. Superstars from the athletics and entertainment industries will also consider the Electronic Nagrik pledge and build consciousness amongst its supporters.


Resource website link The 1M1B Meta team recently announced the launch of its Digital Nagrik Movement, which is aimed at improving the lives of India’s citizens when it comes to access to Real-Time Services, Government Schemes, and Support from NGOs.

The Digital Nagrik Movement is a program started by 1M1B Meta to foster a better relationship between citizens and elected representatives, government services, and other civic-minded organizations. This movement stands to accelerate inclusivity and grow digital services capabilities across India.

The goal of the movement is to create a common platform that allows citizens to engage with their elected representatives and also access related government services on the same platform. The vision is to improve the reach of digital services and equip citizens with tools for better documentation, wider access to a range of services, and easier distribution of finances.

The 1M1B team has launched the beta version of the Digital Nagrik Movement, and has collected over 7,000 requests from citizens of various states. The platform also gives citizens access to various government-funded schemes and their respective statuses, besides giving citizens the ability to voice their opinion to their representatives.

The Digital Nagrik Movement also looks to drive other collaborative initiatives such as enabling NGOs faster access to information and support. By having a unified platform to enable these activities, the Digital Nagrik Movement hopes to improve transparency and efficacy of such initiatives.

The 1M1B Meta team hopes to drive broad participation in this movement and also impact larger socio-economic change. Through the Digital Nagrik Movement, they wish to create an ecosystem of civic engagement, thereby helping citizens take proactive action in their local communities.

In conclusion, 1M1B Meta has launched the Digital Nagrik Movement, which looks to bring citizens, elected representatives, government services, and NGOs together. Through the launch of the beta version, the team has already collected 7,000 requests from citizens of various states. The Digital Nagrik Movement stands to improve transparency and also impact larger socio-economic change through initiatives such as enabling NGOs faster access to information and support.