May 24, 2024

1 in 4 teachers have caught ChatGPT cheating

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About 1 in 4 K-12 teachers say they previously have caught at minimum 1 scholar utilizing the AI application ChatGPT to cheat, centered on a study from Irrespective of this, only 1 third of the surveyed academics say it should be banned outright, as most say they imagine the benefits of the plan outweigh its dangers.


Resource url A recent report has revealed the concerning truth, that one in four teachers have caught students using ChatGPT, a computer program that provides students with answers to homework and exams, as a cheating tool.

ChatGPT is an AI language-processing system that, when fed a statement or a sentence, generates responses in natural language. The AI can be trained in almost any subject and can provide students with the answers they seek.

This worrying discovery has revealed that not only has technology made cheating easier, but students’ reliance on it is increasing, making it harder for teachers to spot the potential usage of external help.

The trend to using ChatGPT is likely to be a result of current pressures on students, such as heavy workloads with limited time to finish longer tasks, or simply to fit in with social norms.

However, the use of this technology to gain an unfair advantage will only set these students up to fail later on in life and could prevent them from reading and understanding the material they are being tested on.

To combat this, teachers must ensure there is an open dialogue with their students on the consequences of using external help without attributing credit to them. Support services should also be put into place to help students deal with the strain of academic life, particularly high school and college-level learners.

Though this report has struck an alarming chord with teachers around the world, the awareness it has raised will undoubtedly prove to be a positive step towards preventing students from turning to unscrupulous methods such as the use of artificial intelligence to cheat.